1. Telecommunications Networks (TN)
  2. Radio Communications (RC)
  3. Mobile, Wireless, and IoT Networks (MWN)
  4. Communications Systems (CS)
  5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  6. Data Science (DS)
  7. Signal Processing (SP)
  8. Applied Electronics (AEL)
  9. Applied Electromagnetics (AEM)
  10. Multimedia (MM)
  11. Optical and Quantum Communications (OC)
  12. Software Tools and Applications (STA)
  13. Smart and Efficient Vehicles (SEV)
  14. Smart Grid and Green Energy (SGE)
  15. Policy, Regulatory Aspects and Services in Communications (PRS)
  16. Student Section (ST)


Deadline for the full paper submissionSeptember 8, 2024
Notification of the paper acceptanceOctober 14, 2024
Telfor Program announcementNovember 18, 2024
Telfor 2024, Belgrade, SerbiaNovember 26-27, 2024
OPENING CEREMONYNovember 26, 2024, 10:30h

Awards and recognitions

“ĐORĐE PAUNOVIĆ” Award for the Best Paper

In memory and to pay the respect to Prof. Dr Đorđe Paunović, the first and long-standing Chairman of the TELFOR Steering Committee, TELFOR Steering and Program Committees established THE “ĐORĐE PAUNOVIĆ” AWARD FOR THE BEST TELFOR PAPER.

„Đorđe Paunović“ Award will be granted by TELFOR Program Committee, based on proposals obtained from reviewers, sessions chairmen and members of Program Committee. The Award can be granted only to an accepted paper, presented in the relevant TELFOR Section. The Award will be announced at TELFOR Internet page and delivered during a formal ceremony.

“Blažo Mirčevski” award for the best paper of a young first author

Family Mirčevski proposed and TELFOR Steering and Program Committees accepted and established the “Blažo Mirčevski” award for the best paper of a young TELFOR author, in memory and respect for technical and scientific work of Blažo Mirčevski, dipl. eng. EE.

“Blažo Mirčevski” Award will be granted by a Jury composed of family Mirčevski representatives and representatives appointed by TELFOR Program Committee. Award candidates can be nominated by reviewers, sessions chairmen, Program and Jury members. The award could be granted to a candidate having less than 30 years, provided that she/he was the first author of an accepted paper and that he personally presented the paper in the relevant TELFOR Section. The Award will be announced at TELFOR Internet page and delivered during a formal ceremony.

Student awards “Ilija Stojanović”

YETTEL Foundation will donate awards for the best students’ papers, presented in the Student Section at TELFOR 2024.

Registration Fees


An accepted paper should be presented at TELFOR conference by author/coauthor.  Paper could be    alternatively distance presented (by Internet, without personal presence of the presenter at the conference). Such a case should be notified before November 5 (

Additionally to the regular registration fee a special tax for distance presented paper should be paid before November 10.

In advance, regular feeEuro 270
At Conference, regular feeEuro 320
In advance, IEEE members (IEEE membership proof required)Euro 210
At Conference, IEEE members (IEEE membership proof required)Euro 250
In advance, PhD students (documents required)Euro 150
At Conference, PhD students (documents required)Euro 175
In advance, undergraduate and graduate students (documents required)Euro 120
At Conference, undergraduate and graduate students (documents required)Euro 140
Students in Students sectionNo fee
There is a special registration fee discount for the Technical Program Committee and the Scientific Committee members25%
Special tax for distance presentation of a paperEuro 100

(Printed program, CD proceedings of accepted papers, user attachments, welcome banquet, refreshments, luncheons, conference services, TELFOR wireless Internet and IEEE taxes are included)


Payment is possible by bank card. For that option, please, log into the online system and follow the “Registration fee” on the left-side menu (main menu).


Bank`s name:Banca Intesa a.d. Beograd
AddressMilentija Popovica 7b, Belgrade 11070, Serbia
Beneficiary:Drustvo za telekomunikacije (for TELFOR)
Beneficiary`s address:Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 73, PF 3554, 11120 Belgrade, Serbia
Beneficiary`s phone:+381 11 3248464
Beneficiary`s account – IBANRS35160005080000790663

Papers Instructions

The length of a paper is limited to four A4 pages for regular and student papers and eight A4 pages for invited papers.

The paper should be sent in Adobe PDF format using TELFOR online submission system.

The paper should be prepared using MS Word or LaTex, using double-column A4 standard IEEE conference template.

For more info, including the right form of the copyright notice that has to be added to the bottom of the first page of the paper, see full instructions for authors.

Registration and paper submission

Presentation Instructions

  • An accepted paper should be presented by its author or co-author. Should it be presented by any other person it won’t be considered as a part of the Forum’s program.
  • Scientific and technical presentations should be presented by invited author or by the company’s representative.
  • For presenting a regular or student paper, for questions, answers and discussions, a maximum of 15-20 minutes is provided in total. Authors should prepare (and rehearse !) the presentation in accordance with the time given. Should the presentation last longer than the allowed time slot, the chairman will stop the presentation at his discretion.
  • For invited papers and invited presentations, special sessions and presentations in technical and commercial sections, duration of time slots will be determined in agreement with the organizers.
  • Authors should prepare paper/presentation summary in the form of short thesis, pictures, formulas and diagrams in the form of a Windows Power Point 2007 file (or compatible), to be used for projection using the computer and video beam.
  • Copy of the presentation should be handed to technical personnel on a suitable medium (CD or Flash memory), prior to beginning of the session.
  • Organizers will provide the technical equipment necessary for performing the presentation, however the presenters are free to use their own lap tops while presenting.
  • Authors should adjust their presentations for visibility. Letters, figures, tables and formulas should be visible from at least 10m distance, bearing in mind that the projected surface is approximately 2*1,5 m. Text and Number size should be at least 24-28 points. One slide should not contain more than a few text lines, one photo or 1-2 formulas. Tables should not be larger then 6x5 rows/columns etc…
  • While presenting, it is an advice for the presenters to leave out any complicated explanations, formulas and to avoid complex technical details. All presentations and papers will be made public, through the conference CD and published on the web site of TELFOR conference. Therefore, the oral part of the presentation should focus on basic ideas, concepts, solutions and results, in accordance with the time slots given.
  • Author should come to the presentation hall at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the session and is obliged to register with technical secretary and chairman.