• Telecommunications Society – TS, Belgrade
  • School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade
  • IEEE Serbia and Montenegro COM Chapter
  • IEEE Serbia & Montenegro Section
  • IEEE Region 8


  • Ministry of Information and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia
  • Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation of the Republic of Serbia
  • Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia
  • Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services – RАTEL

Special sponsors

  • TELEKOM SERBIA, Belgrade
  • VLATACOM, Belgrade

Sponsors (alphabetical order)

  • A1 Serbia, Belgrade
  • Amdocs
  • CETIN Serbia, Belgrade
  • CISCO, Belgrade
  • ERICSSON, Belgrade
  • IEEE Serbia & Montenegro CIS Chapter
  • Institute Mihajlo Pupin, Belgrade
  • IRITЕL, Belgrade
  • Maksnet, Belgrade
  • NOKIA, Belgrade
  • Roaming Networks, Belgrade
  • SBB, Belgrade
  • Serbian Chamber of Engineers, Belgrade
  • Serbian National Internet Domain Registry – RNIDS, Belgrade
  • TERI Engineering, Belgrade
  • Yettel Serbia, Belgrade

Open Call for Supporters of the Telecommunications Forum TELFOR

Dear Madam / Sir,

Telecommunications Society (TS) - Belgrade, School of Electrical Engineering (ETF) - University of Belgrade and IEEE Serbia & Montenegro COM Chapter (Organizers), supported by "TELEKOM Srbija", IEEE Region 8, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia, IEEE Serbia & Montenegro Section, PTT "Srbija" and many other donors, friends and supporters, organize again

Telecommunications Forum TELFOR

Telecommunications Forum TELFOR is the IEEE co-organized and co-supported international event. TELFOR is organized as an international regional annual meeting of those professionals working in the broad fields of Telecommunications and Information Technologies. The participants are mostly telecommunications engineers, but also the economists,  jurists, managers, governmental officials, students, researchers, operators, service providers and others. TELFOR is the Forum in which all relevant aspects of Telecommunications and IT are discussed: subjects of technical nature, development, regulatory and economics matters, education, equipment, services and systems operation.

TELFOR regularly has a high number of participants, both individuals and companies from over 30 different countries. Several previous TELFORs were attended by around 1500 registered individual visitors and participants from all telecommunications’ segments. Typically, between  250 and 400 submitted or invited  scientific  papers, with 600-800 authors, were each year presented and published in the TELFOR CD Proceedings, in English or Serbian languages. Authors are from over 30 different countries from local region, Europe and world. More than 50% authors are out of Serbia. 

Several dozens of participating international companies were in some way involved in TELFOR activities during the past years, among which there were the international telecommunications companies like Agilent, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Ericsson, HP, Huawey, IBM, Intracom, Juniper, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Rohde&Schwarz, Siemens, Teri Engineering, Oracle Communications, Roaming, etc., together with their local partners, as well as around 30 other domestic and international supporting organizations.

TELFOR is attended by everyone who in Serbia and in the local region has significant results and interest in the fields of TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.

Given the very broad range of interests and activities that are represented at TELFOR, we have no doubt that many companies and institutions will find the scientific, economic, promotional and / or professional interest to participate or help the work of TELFOR. That's why we made this open invitation to current and future TELFOR DONORS.

Your Company is playing an important role and has the professional interest in the communications and information technology area. We invite you to be the SUPPORTER of the Telecommunications Forum TELFOR and to take part in this year TELFOR’s activities.

Any help is appreciated, but Organizers expect that

  • SPECIAL DONORS – sign separate contracts,
  • MAIN DONORS - make donations of minimum 250.000 RSD, or equivalent in Euros,
  • DONORS - make donations of minimum 100.000 RSD, or equivalent in Euros,
  • FRIEND organizations - make donations of  minimum 50.000 RSD, or equivalent in Euros.

Within the TELFOR the Organizers will, when it is necessary and possible, ensure to the Supporting organizations the advantages with respect to other companies who are not Supporters. Organizers will especially express their thanks to their Supporters in the written materials and actions in the preparation phase, but also within the course of TELFOR. Donors could for free present their products and activities by an A4 page space included to TELFOR CD Proceeding (page to be sent electronically before 5th November to Special and Main Dopnorss could also include their Logo to, connected to their own Internet page.

Being sure that you will support TELFOR, we are sending you an in advance prepared contract, with attachments. Of course, we are ready to change the contract in accordance with your wishes.

After signing the contract, the payment is to be made to:

Bank Account Number (for payments in RSD): 160-19399-79
IBAN (for payments in Euros):/RS35160005080000790663, (BANCAINTESA, Serbia, SWIFT DBDBRSBG) Account name: "Telecommunications Society”, Belgrade. Purpose of the payment: Support for TELFOR.

(According to the law, donations are not connected with the payments of goods and services. VAT is not applicable and tax evidence is not necessary. Supporter can make payment based on the signed contract, without an invoice.)

Please see: The website has published a call for papers. Your employees are wellcome to submit their scientific papers. Please download the poster from the TELFOR site and set it on your bulletin board.

Contact us by email, or by phone+381641404461, +381641115983 .

TELFOR General Chair Prof. Dr Aleksandar Nešković

Companies Presentations

Technical and commercial presentations

In order to facilitate companies presentations, the organizer booked special rooms for commercial and technical presentations, one with c.c. 80 seats (for commercial presentations) and several others with 50-120 seats (for technical presentations), all with available necessary technical conditions and equipment. The companies desiring to organize their commercial and/or technical (non commercial) presentations, or other particular manifestations, in either of those rooms, should announce it to the Forum’s organizer for booking the space and time and for the agreement about the conditions.

The price for a 45 minutes technical or commercial presentation is 12.000 RS dinars (+VAT), or equivalent in Euros. It is possible to order two joint presentations and to get a time slot of maximum 105 minutes (with included pause between presentations). TELFOR Main Supporters can make their technical or commercial presentations free of charge. A commercial or technical presentation could also be organized in a large hall, as a special arrangement. All presentations should be requested in advance (, before November 5 (deadline). The invoices will be sent after the appropriate confirmations.

If a company is the Main Supporter, Supporter or Friend of the Forum, the organizer is due to ensure the space of one A4 side in the TELFOR Proceedings for Company Advertisement. The company could present its production program and other data of interest. The companies, which are not Supporters or Friends, can also ensure their page in the Proceedings against the payment of 12.000 RS dinars (+VAT) per A4 page, or equivalent in Euros. The Proceedings are to be prepared in advance and these advertising texts, in the electronic form, should be forwarded to TELFOR electronic address ( before November 5 (deadline).

Please see the basic data about the TELFOR at the Internet address

All payments are to be made to:

Bank Account Number (for payments in dinars - RSD)

IBAN (for payments in Euros)

Name of the Account
"Telecommunications Society - Belgrade"

Purpose of the payment:
"Company presentation" / "Advertisement".

The copy of the bank money order should be returned to the fax number +38111 3248681.

All information and/or inquires:
Danka Despotović, TELFOR Secretary
Tel. +381 64 1404461, Fax +381 11 3248681, e-mail:

Address: TELFOR, ETF, Bul. kralja Aleksandra 73, PF 3554, 11120 Belgrade, Serbia